Beer and Science! Pint of Science festival 2023

The great Pint of Science festival is back worldwide for its 2023 edition and we couldn’t be prouder to announce that the Ferraiuolo lab is going to be a strong presence this year at the host venues in Sheffield.

First up, Monika will try to shed some light on the hot topic of artificial intelligence, and in particular on how AI technologies are being used to help us tackle neurodegenerative diseases at every step – from diagnosing a disease to finding new treatments. Go see her at 99 Mary Street in Sheffield city centre at 7pm on the 23rd May if you’d like to find out more. Tickets are still available here.

Martyna, Tania, Selina and Marianne will be at 99 Mary Street as well on the 24th May at 7pm to talk about their research. Their talk will show how we can make different brain cells from motor neuron disease patient skin cells, and how these can be grown together to investigate the disease. If that sounds like black magic and you think we’ve got some explaining to do, you can get your tickets here.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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