Pint of Science festival – quench your thirst for knowledge

Public engagement and spreading the word about our research is a rewarding aspect of being a scientist. It allows us to share our enthusiasm and hard work with members of the public about what we’re up to day-to-day and where we think our research could lead us in the future. Therefore, we are taking advantage of the return of Pint of Science!

This is a fantastic opportunity to obtain the feedback of our stakeholders and incorporate their input into our research.

Pint of Science is a worldwide science festival which brings researchers to local pubs and cafes to chat about their research. It’s a three-day event, spread across 32 different towns and cities across the UK. This year, four members of the Ferraiuolo lab will be taking part! We want to share our scientific discoveries with the public and get them as excited as we are about our recent research. The festival is a great, informal opportunity for anyone to get involved, ask questions and give feedback to the scientists that are actually in the labs. 

After the coronavirus pandemic ground our usual community activities to a halt, we’re all really excited to get back to engaging with Sheffield locals about our work and why we think it’s interesting and important. Sarah, Katie B, Allan and Jannigje will be at the Tamper Sellers Wheel in the city centre on the 9th of May at 8pm to chat about our personalised medicine approach to finding therapies for motor neurone disease.

Come along and join us, there will be beer and science – what’s not to like!

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