Researching neurodegeneration and ageing


Beer and Science! Pint of Science festival 2023

The great Pint of Science festival is back worldwide for its 2023 edition and we couldn’t be prouder to announce that the Ferraiuolo lab is going to be a strong presence this year at the host venues in Sheffield. First up, Monika will try to shed some light on the hot topic of artificial intelligence,…

2023 Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon

In an effort to supplement the work we do in the lab to try and find effective treatments for motor neuron disease, we also try to raise funds for MND patients and their families to help improve their lives. To do just that, Allan is running the inaugural 2023 Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon this coming…

Global MND Awareness Day 2022

Today is Global MND Awareness Day, a perfect opportunity to remind ourselves what it is that’s really driving our research. For us in the Ferraiuolo lab, the answer is simple – it’s the people living with and affected by MND who get involved with research and clinical trials. From the bottom of our hearts -…

Our expertise

About us

We are a neuroscience research lab based at Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN), The University of Sheffield, UK.

Our mission is to understand better the role of glial cells in neurodegeneration and ageing.

Meet the lab

Professor Laura Ferraiuolo, PhD
Marco Destro, MSc
Bradley Hall, MSc
Raquel Rua Martins, PhD

Andre’ Varcianna, MSc
Dr Martyna Matuszyk, PhD
Tania Onate Atienzar, BSc
Cleide Souza, PhD
Ana Aragon Gonzalez, MSc
Hannah Timmons, MSc
Marianne King, PhD
Monika Myszczynska, PhD
Allan Shaw, MSc
Katie Bowden, MSc
Selina Beal, PhD
Nikitha Thakur, MSc
Dr Jannigje Kok, PhD
Tom Marlow, BSc


Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience
University of Sheffield
385a Glossop Road
S10 2HQ
United Kingdom